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Coney Island Lagos

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About Coney Island Lagos

Along the Lagos coastlines of the majestic Atlantic Ocean sits Coney Island; a modish beach resort for everyone seeking serenity, adventure and exclusivity within nature, great cuisine and boutique aesthetics

  • Along the Lagos coastlines of the majestic Atlantic Ocean sits Coney Island; a modish beach resort for everyone seeking serenity, adventures  and exclusivity within nature. Would you like a selection from our exquisite A la carte menu for a perfect gastronomy experience?
    • At Coney Island Lagos  everybody combines delight with lounging, active relaxing seems so logical !  Wanna try?  
    We know how to create and have so much fun, giving off only positive vibes in the best and most exclusive way. Wanna experience? Come on and  be part of it, be part of Coney Island Lagos.

Coney Island Lagos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sub-saharan Africa, nestled within the Okun-Ajah metropolis and ten minutes from Ogombo road; an emerging layout of Lagos’ most versatile real estate opulence.

 Some of our furnitures are made out of recycled items . The wood is sourced from various local markets and regions.

We collect sea treasures and make a piece of art with them. This makes every item within coney island unique. 

Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the skies beautifies the earth, so does art colour life . This is why Coney Island walls carries beautiful and significant arts.

  • We sometimes also collect driftwood that is stranded on the beach and bring it back to life.
  • A highly professional team is waiting for you at CONEY, which loves to fulfill its work with dedication and joy. 

    We regard Coney Island Lagos as the Central Bank Of Good Vibes , we are glad to invite you as a good friend to share.

    We are waiting for you. Ready when you are !

  • Management 

    Our management is an experienced team young specialist in tourism and hospitality, creatives and customer service. Humans of Coney speak Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Tiv , French and English fluently. We are really Cool People. 

    We have got an energy  service team , which always seeks for possibilities to make your visit an unforgettable and wonderful experience. None of your request is overdone. 

    We are always sure to serve you a premium beach experience. We also coined the slogan:

    Keep Positive Vibes- KPV.  

Feedback from our Guests

  • Monday Atai
    1. July, 2022.
    Place is reserved, environment is neat and the staff were professional.
    Dennis Sleuth
    13. June, 2022.
    Lovely beach spot
    Mary Etokwudo
    10. June, 2022.
    It’s a very beautiful private beach. Very good for events. The staff are nice and friendly. Food and drinks are on point. I recommend 100%.
    Ebube Oguaju-Dike
    9. June, 2022.
    Coney Island is a very nice beach spot on the island. Maybe you’re looking for a private beach for you and your friends, then Coney Island may suit your need. The environment is serene, a nice picnic but I believe informing the staff is necessary for that.
    Lawal Babatunde
    5. June, 2022.
    Nice Audience, Cool spot.
    omnis Ltd
    2. June, 2022.
    Jennifer Martins
    26. May, 2022.
    Was a great experience
    Baba2unde Adeybowale
    24. May, 2022.
    Owunebe James Wisdom
    20. May, 2022.
    I was excited to be there. You can check it out too.
    Osinachi Okafor
    18. May, 2022.

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